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Get a Room!!

Posted by zephre on 2013.05.24 at 09:14

ApolloCon is getting closer, and so is the deadline for reserving your room at the DoubleTree. Stay the whole weekend! Reserve a room by May 31 to make sure you don't miss a minute of the programming, gaming, socializing, media, dancing and all the other fun stuff going on at ApolloCon!

There are two ways to make a reservation:

  1. Go to www.ApolloCon.org and click the “Register” button on the Hotel Page, or

  2. Call 1-800-222-TREE, and tell the nice people you're attending ApolloCon.

Enjoy one of the best convention hotels at one of the best rates in all of fandom: $87, plus local fees and taxes. Parking is always free, and this year, so is WiFi!

So GET A ROOM!! And we'll see you at ApolloCon, June 21-23!

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