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ApolloCon flyering help needed

Posted by starcat_jewel on 2012.06.11 at 23:40
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If you've thought about distributing some flyers but don't have any idea where to start, I have maps. :-) I can meet you to hand off flyers, just let me know when and where. Inside 610: (I'm doing this, but I wouldn't say no to some help)

Heights area (I've covered most of this)

Montrose / Westheimer area (I've done some but not all of this)

Rice / West U. area (I've covered most of this too)

River Oaks / Westheimer area (I've done some but not all of this)

Downtown Houston

River Oaks / Galleria area (everything here is done except Micro Center)


Outside 610: (I really need help with these except where noted)

North Houston (Clif and Doug are working on this)

West / Northwest Houston (Doug may take some of this)
Southwest Houston

South Houston (James K. will be working on Clear Lake)

East Houston

Color codes for the markers: Blue = not done yet; Green = flyers have been left; Red = don't ask (reason noted); Yellow = temporarily unavailable. I'll need to know where you've left flyers so that I can update the map. If you come across any other places that are willing to take flyers, let me know and I'll add them. Please help -- we're running out of time, and I'll be gone from Thursday thru Monday!

ETA: This call for help just got more urgent, as my car is temporarily non-functional. I can't drive Russ' car because it's a stick, and the BHV needs both license and inspection stickers. If you can take some flyers, even just a few to your workplace, please contact me.

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